About me

born 1956 in Darmstadt.

Professions and aditional trainings:

  • Translator (Bénédict-School Of Languages)
  • Professional kindergarten teacher (AES Darmstadt)
  • Recognized diploma in social pedagogy (EFH Darmstadt)
  • Conversation to Rogers (VHS Groß-Gerau)
  • Systemic counselling of families (EFH Darmstadt)
  • Genogram work (EFH Darmstadt)
  • Family constellation, System constellation (EFH Darmstadt)
  • Body-oriented self-experiencing (EFH Darmstadt)
  • Work with the inner child (EFH Darmstadt)

Professional activity and experience:

  • Work with preschool children and parents
  • Association for nonrepressive education
  • Education Counsellin VHS Groß-Gerau
  • Orientation courses for women VHS Groß-Gerau
  • Child guidance office Darmstadt
  • Work with parents, single parents, young people and children
  • Work with young people without school leaving certificate F + U Darmstadt

In the counselling work active since 1992, Self-employed since 2002.