Family Counselling

Changes in the family circumstances such as losing a job, separation, death of a loved one, puberty, to name just a few, can become and enormous burden for all family members. Suddenly communication becomes a problem, and frustration sets in. All of this can lead to a significant conflict potential, in which one or more of the family members no longer feels able to cope.

  • Would you like support for your children’s school problems?
  • Do you feel insecure as a part time or adoptive parent?
  • Do you need help to cope as a single parent?
  • Would you like some support in finding answers for parenting issues?
  • Do you require help in dealing with a separation or divorce?

What happens in family counselling? Well firstly the key is to make you aware of the strengths and resources that you have. You may not be aware of them at the moment but they are there! Once we have done this together, you are in a position to understand your conflicts and stress situations, which in turn gives you the power to find solutions to the problems and challenges that you have been experiencing. In the supportive environment of counselling you can try out new behaviours, test new boundaries, and practice a more supportive and respectful approach to one another.