Couple and Marriage Counselling

There are many reasons why a couple’s relationship (hetero or same sex) can start to derail. Personal behaviour patterns and habits, disappointments, injuries – both physical and emotional – as well as the differing and sometimes unspoken expectations on each other, can often lead to an imbalance, which then results in recurring arguments to which there appears to be no solution.

  • Do you want more communication and interaction in your relationship ?
  • Do you feel neglected or left alone ?
  • Do you want more closeness, both physical and emotional?
  • Do you suffer from extreme jealousy?
  • Do you crave for more understanding and support?

Couple counselling is a chance to breathe a freshness into your relationship and make a new start. It’s about the things that you want to change, be it changes in the way you communicate with each other, how conflicts are dealt with, being able to express openly the wish for closeness but also the need for space. The objective of couple counselling, is to help the couple open themselves up to enjoying new experiences with each other whilst finding common solutions to the everyday issues that occur, thus enabling an intimate and loving relationship.