Counselling for Women

Running, the ‘family’ business, playing chauffeur and nurse to the children, being responsible for the cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. etc. whilst also potentially holding a part- or full-time job, the challenges of the modern day woman are manifold and may lead to situations which can leave them doubting themselves, or at worst leaving them feeling totally overburdened.

  • Do you sometimes have the feeling you can’t cope?
  • Do you sometimes wish you had more faith in your own capabilities?
  • Are you currently in a crisis where you need help and support?
  • Would you like to strengthen your self esteem?
  • Do you often feel, tired, sad or helpless?
  • Would you like support in making a new start?

Counselling can help you to find new ways to deal with situations which may be burdening you, in order to help you feel alive again and at the same time increase your self esteem. The process concentrates on the present, the here and now, but encompasses experiences you may have had in the past, which may still be affecting you today. The sessions are held in a mindful and respectful atmosphere, with the objective of helping you to develop personal strategies to deal with your situation.

Needless to say men are also invited to have individual counselling sessions.